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What is Cycle Monitoring?

Cycle Monitoring involves blood work and ultrasounds during the first half of your menstrual cycle to follow hormone levels and the growth of follicle(s). Cycle monitoring will vary greatly in length and frequency depending on the patient. For most, it will involve several days of testing during a 1-2 week period.

Once the physician has created a treatment plan for you and an education session has been completed, you are now ready for your treatment cycle to begin.

Patient's Guide to Cycle Monitoring

Day 1

We consider Day 1 full flow bleeding by 3 pm. If full flow arrives after 3 pm, please consider the following day as Day 1.

Email your coordinator on Day 1 (even if it falls on a weekend) and book your first ultrasound.


Can be done daily if required. All ultrasounds are by appointment only.

7:00-9:30am on weekdays

7:00-9:00am on weekends and holidays

All cycle monitoring ultrasounds are internal/transvaginal ultrasounds. You will need an empty bladder. Our ultrasound technicians are professional and courteous and are accustomed to scanning patients at all stages of their menstrual cycle.

Blood work

7:00-9:30am on weekdays

7:00-9:00am on weekends and holidays

First come, first serve. No appointment necessary.

Nurse Consultation

Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)

Nina and Glea are available after your ultrasound and would be happy to assist you with:

  • Purchasing medication
  • Ultrasound results
  • Making payments
  • Submitting consent forms
  • Answering any cycle-related questions

On weekends and holidays there will be other nurses covering for our patients who will also be able to assist you.

Daily Instructions

The physician will review your blood and ultrasound results and prescribe your next day of monitoring and any medication (if needed).

You will receive your daily instructions by email between 12-2pm (weekdays) or by phone between 2-4pm (on weekends and holidays).


The receptionists, nurses, and the rest of their team were always very accommodating and responsive to any questions/issues we had. I can't imagine going through this process without them.