Success Stories

Happy ending after 4+ years

We are forever grateful to Dr. Dzineku and Dr. Roumain and their team for their help and support through a long and difficult fertility journey that ultimately has a happy ending after 4+ years! Our little baby boy was born in June and we are over the moon. He was the 5th embryo that we transferred and our first successful implantation and pregnancy – and I credit this to Tripod Fertility and their support for the transfer.

I had initially consulted with a Reproductive Immunologist in the US, but then when Covid hit and we couldn’t travel for treatments I was at a total loss. I am so thankful that I found Tripod Fertility and that they were willing to take on an out of province (I’m in BC) patient in the middle of a pandemic!

I travelled to Toronto and saw the medical team at Tripod Fertility just before my transfer and the whole team was so incredible. Communication was super fast (even amidst setting up their new office!) and I felt like the information and advice that I was provided was so straight forward and was everything that I was searching for. It took us awhile, but we got here and he was worth the wait☺.  Baby C born in July 2021.