Third Party Reproduction

Third Party Reproduction

Connecting soon-to-be parents to their children with the help of dedicated third parties

Third Party Reproduction is an option for those hoping to become parents using the egg, sperm, embryos or uterus of a third party.  Every aspiring parent has unique circumstances, and we offer a variety of approaches that can be tailored to meet the most specific needs.  Our team is composed of compassionate professionals with years of experience in third-party parenting and donor choice. We're here to answer any questions you have about any part of the process.    
Third Party Reproduction is a viable solution for heterosexual and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and couples hoping to conceive a child using donor sperm or eggs, or those relying on a gestational carrier to support a pregnancy.  For individuals or couples who are unable to create an embryo of their own or who are unable to support a pregnancy, and for couples who face fertility issues related to the quality of either their eggs or sperm, Third Party Reproduction is a great option to consider.    

How to begin

Have Questions? Our Third Party Program provides you with all of your answers

The process starts with an initial appointment with a Tripod Fertility doctor, who will familiarize themselves with your medical details and preferences.  Various options will be discussed with you at this stage. Following the introductory appointment, you will meet with one of our dedicated Third Party Coordinators.  The coordinator will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the next steps in the process.  You will have a meeting with a fertility specialist to go over any individual or relationship concerns and discuss your expectations of the treatment. 
Regardless of whether you are using an egg donor, sperm donor or gestational carrier, you will be asked to complete a series of tests that may include blood work, imaging, genetic screening and sperm testing.  You will have a follow-up meeting with your doctor to discuss the results of your tests and receive approval to proceed, if possible.  Should you receive your approval to proceed, you will go on to meet with a recommended legal counsellor to reach a legal agreement between all parties.  You will be asked to watch our series of online education videos before beginning treatment.
Once all the steps outlined above have been completed, you will be able to continue on your fertility journey.

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