LGBTQIA+ Family Planning

LGBTQIA+ Family Planning

Our top priority is to provide all patients, regardless of sexual and gender orientation, an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment to pursue their desire of building a family. There are several reproductive options for patients in the LBGTQIA+ community and our doctors can help you navigate through these choices and create a plan that is specific to your needs.

Third Party Reproduction

There are cases in which patients may require the use of a third party in order to achieve their dreams of having a child. Third party reproduction involves the use of donated egg, sperm or embryos. It can also involve the use of a surrogate.

We understand the process of third party reproduction can be difficult and complex. Our mission is to provide you with all your additional options and help you make an informed decision that you are confident and happy with.

Egg Donation

If egg donation is determined to be a necessary part of your journey, our team, in conjunction with egg donor agencies, can help you through the donor selection and screening process.

Egg donors may be anonymous (selected through a donor agency or egg bank) or known (selected in your network of family and friends). In all cases, treatment involving an egg donor requires reproductive and legal counselling for all parties involved.

Once an egg donor is selected, our physician will complete a full donor suitability assessment to ensure they are medically and genetically suitable to proceed with a donation. When all assessments are completed, we will guide your donor through the entire IVF process. Their eggs will be retrieved and fertilized with sperm (partner or donor). The resulting embryos can then be transferred into the uterus of the intended parent or a gestational surrogate.

Sperm Donation

If sperm donation is determined to be a necessary part of your journey, our team can direct you towards certified sperm banks which we have worked with that have been pre-screened for quality, safety and reliability.

Sperm donors selected through a sperm bank are exclusively anonymous or semi-anonymous (identity can be released after the conceived child turns 21). Sperm donor vials can be used towards IUI or IVF treatments.

Known sperm donors can also be selected but they will require a full donor suitability assessment at our clinic before an insemination can occur as per Health Canada Regulations.

All treatment involving a sperm donor requires reproductive counselling. Legal counselling is also highly recommended.

Embryo Donation

Patients with extra embryos after an IVF cycle can chose to donate their embryos for the use of another patient/couple. If you are considering being an embryo donor or recipient, please discuss with your doctor or nurse coordinator for more details.

Gestational Surrogacy

A gestational carrier (or surrogate) is a person who carries the baby for the intended parent(s). Gestational carriers are not involved in the creation of the embryo and thus, have no genetic link to the child.

As per the Assisted Human Reproduction Act in Canada, it is illegal to pay or offer payment to the gestational carrier. The chosen surrogate must participate altruistically.

Treatment involving a gestational surrogate requires reproductive and legal counselling for all parties involved.


Recommended Third Party Reproductive Lawyers

Shirley Eve Levitan
Phone: (416) 238-2398

Sarah R. Cohen
Phone: (416) 907-2189

Lisa Feldstein
Phone: (416) 937-8768

Nicolle Kopping-Pavars
Phone: (437) 317-3868

Michelle Flowerday
Phone: (416) 428-5511



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