Summer 2023 Research Intern

My name is Olivia Walsh, and I have completed my first year of undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and will start my second year this September.  I am a student in the Faculty of Arts & Science, majoring in Cognitive Science (neuroscience stream) and minoring in English.  I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to work as a research intern at Tripod Fertility this summer and have learned a tremendous amount during my time here so far.  


Being diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago has piqued my interest in the field of reproductive medicine and the multifaceted interplay between health, wellbeing, and family building.  I am very inspired by the possibilities of science and the benefits for people and families. 

Researching and Collecting Data

This summer, I am researching and collecting data in assisted reproductive technology. I have also had the amazing opportunity to observe procedures, with patient consent, such as sonohysterograms, ultrasounds, and consultations to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the diverse aspects of the field of fertility medicine. 

As a result of my personal and scientific interest in this area of medicine, I am genuinely excited to be contributing to and learning from the study and am eager to see the research project through to completion.  Researching and analyzing innovative medicine is an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge base and skill set while at the same time making advances for people who are persevering through fertility treatment with the goal of expanding their family. Collecting data is a task that requires precision, focus, and accuracy, and the rigor of my field of study at McGill University has helped to prepare me for this role.  I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of my assignment and the opportunity to think like and train as a scientist.  I admit that I get excited by considering different hypotheses and understanding the results that the data will reveal!

Since a young age, I have been deeply interested in science and excited by the incredible opportunities that medicine has to offer. After graduating McGill, my goal is to attend medical school and then practise medicine.  Tripod Fertility has been instrumental in my path to achieving my career goals and I hope to continue my academic journey with Tripod Fertility in the years to come.