What are the side effects of immune treatment?

To fully understand the side effects that come with immune treatment for fertility, you must first understand the reasoning behind this treatment. Experiencing any kind of struggle with fertility can leave you with a lot of “whys.” An excellent fertility team will be able to help you with those many questions you have about your fertility issues.

Understanding fertility

The first step to any potentially successful fertility treatment is to understand where the problem lies. A good fertility team of specialists will conduct many tests and scans to get to the bottom of the problem and what can be done to help solve it.

Interestingly, the immune system could be one of the reasons behind fertility struggles. Your immune system is in charge of keeping the body safe from everything. The immune system will kick in when it thinks it needs to protect the body. Sometimes, the immune system can go into overdrive and wreak havoc when it is not required.

One reason poor fertility can occur is when the immune system is not behaving in the usual way. Specific tests will help determine whether this could be an issue for you. Your team of doctors will then look into various immune treatments that could help. These treatments can help slow down the immune response and increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Understanding potential side effects

As with any fertility treatment, there are potential side effects related to the treatment itself and the way it is administered. It is important to have a full conversation with your medical team about any potential side effects or symptoms to look out for both during treatment and for the days and weeks after. Be sure to ask your team any important questions you have to fully understand what you should expect.

Side effects vary immensely and depend on the type of treatment. For any treatment that is administered intravenously, there is a small chance of potential problems during administration of the treatment. For any treatment that is taken by mouth, there is potential for gastrointestinal side effects. It is important to remember to report any side effects to your medical team so that they can best assess the situation and advise you on what to do next. You might need to halt your treatment for a period of time while side effects are looked into.

Any treatment that deals with the immune system can, of course, have immunological responses. Keep in mind that the specific side effects will be explained in detail after your treatment has been decided.

Having any fertility struggle is a setback that nobody should have to deal with. Your medical team will help you find the best viable solution for you, and it may include immunotherapy treatment. Be sure that you fully understand the treatment and how it works so that you can be an active participant in the process.