Tips for Coping with Fertility Treatment During COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it, and has added new layers of anxiety to daily life for many people. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times, you are certainly not alone.

If you are starting or undergoing fertility treatments during this public health crisis, it can seem as if there is simply too much going on right now to handle. Here’s what you can do to help ease your stress during this unprecedented time.

Take a break from the news cycle

While it’s important to be informed, the constant anxiety triggered by the news might become overwhelming. You are already concerned about your in vitro fertilization Toronto treatments and your efforts to grow your family. Adding even more worry to the mix just isn’t productive.

Take a day off here and there from social media outlets and the news. To keep your stress levels down overall, set yourself daily limits for the use of information sources, such as an hour, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Stick to these limits until you can consume news and information without being as affected by it. You might even find you’d rather keep those limits once the pandemic has fully phased out.

Check-in with your treatment provider frequently

You can still email or talk to your fertility treatment provider, and video appointments might even be available. To keep yourself informed, visit your provider’s website so you know how appointments and other things are being handled. You’ll feel much calmer about the process when you know what to expect for your next visit or telehealth appointment.

Be sure to ask your provider any questions you have about your treatments or office visits. You can discuss any concerns you might have, too — your provider is here to help you during this uncertain time.

Reach out for support

If everything is starting to feel like too much, remind yourself that you are not carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. Discuss your feelings with your partner, loved ones, close friends or even a therapist. Just being able to say what is bothering you out loud can go a long way toward helping you process your emotions and cope.

Take care of yourself

It might sound obvious, but it’s very easy to forget to take care of yourself when times are stressful, especially if you are caring for other people. Take time to relax, get enough sleep each night, exercise regularly and eat right. Stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health, so it’s important to do as many things as you can to counteract that effect.

Practicing real self-care will ease the stress and anxiety this pandemic is causing you and help you avoid stress-related ailments. When you are healthier and in a more positive state of mind, always remember that your fertility treatments are still on track.

If you have any questions or concerns about fertility treatments during COVID-19, our treatment team is here to answer them. Contact us today for more information about your options so you can start to grow your family.