Tripod Fertility cares about our patients and we are obligated as a clinic to receive and respond to patient complaints pursuant to section 22 of the Act and sections 21 to 25 of this Regulation. 

Patient Care

Here is the contact information for the patient ombudsman under the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010. 

Mail: Patient Ombudsman, Box 130, 77 Wellesley St. W., Toronto, ON, M7A 1N3 
Ph: 1-888-321-0339        F: 416-597-5372 

Ph: 1-888-662-6613        E:

The Integrated Community Health Services Centres Act will:

    • Protect patient safety through strengthened quality assurance and oversight of community surgical and diagnostic centres.
    • Ensure that no centre can refuse an insured service to a patient who chooses not to purchase uninsured upgrades and no patient can pay to receive insured services faster than anyone else.
    • Ensure that patients not able to have their complaints addressed at a centre can now seek help from the Ontario Patient Ombudsman.
    • Ensure measures that will protect the stability of health human resources in public hospitals as more centres are brought online and that centres work with health system partners to promote optimal patient care pathways, including that physicians who are employed at these centres must have privileges to do the same work in hospitals.
In sum, the ICHSCA introduces new provisions to strengthen quality assurance and patient safety, protect from user charges, ensure system integration with the hospital sector and the stability of health human resources. 

Enhanced Patient Complaints Process

  • All written or verbal complaints made to the clinic or a staff member concerning the care of a patient(s) or the operation of the centre are dealt with as prescribed in the Regulation.
  • Complaints will be investigated, resolved (where possible) and a response provided to the patient within 10 business days of the receipt of the complaint or an investigation is commenced immediately, if the complaint alleges harm or risk of harm to a patient(s). If the licensee anticipates that the complaint cannot be investigated and resolved within 10 business days, the licensee shall provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint within 5 business days, including when the complainant can reasonably expect a resolution.
  • A response that is provided to a complainant will include, the contact information for the Patient Ombudsman under the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010.
  • The clinic will maintain a comprehensive record of each complaint.
  • The clinic will keep and maintain the individual record for each complaint for at least 3 years following the end of the complaints process
  • The clinic will ensure that the complaints record is reviewed and analyzed for trends at least quarterly, with consideration given to the key principles set out in the “Patient, Family and Caregiver Declaration of Values” (as amended from time to time). A written record would need to be kept of each review and any improvements made.