Family Planning

Patients undergoing treatment through the third party program can expect integrative, personalized guidance and clear information throughout the third party reproduction process. They will first meet with their physician to develop a plan that suits their needs and are then helped every step of the way by their third party coordinator and nursing team to put that plan into action. 

Navigating Canadian legislation and requirements for egg or sperm donation and surrogacy can be overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn't have to be.  Tripod Fertility can simplify this process and assist in every step of your journey. 

Patients will be provided with:
  • An overview of the third party reproduction process.
  • Recommendations for selecting your donor or surrogate.
  • Clear instructions on steps needed to meet legislative requirements.
  • Referrals to agencies, counsellors, and lawyers. 

Patients will receive access to a genetic counsellor, frequent communication and support from experienced staff.  All appointments will be booked for patients as needed and clearly outlined fees will be provided.  Tripod Fertility offers full support for 2SLGBTQIA+ couples, single moms, single dads, and heterosexual couples.  


If egg donation is part of your journey, our team, in conjunction with egg donor agencies, can help you through the donor selection and screening process.

Egg donors may be anonymous (selected through a donor agency or egg bank) or known (selected in your network of family and friends). In all cases, treatment involving an egg donor requires reproductive and legal counselling for all parties involved.

Once an egg donor is selected, our physician will complete a full donor suitability assessment to ensure they are medically and genetically suitable to proceed with a donation.  After assessments are completed, we will guide your donor through the entire IVF process. Their eggs will be retrieved and fertilized with sperm (partner or donor). The resulting embryos can then be transferred into the uterus of the intended parent or a gestational surrogate.


If sperm donation is part of your journey, our team can direct you towards certified sperm banks who have been pre-screened for quality, safety and reliability.

Sperm donors selected through a sperm bank are exclusively anonymous or semi-anonymous (identity can be released after the conceived child turns 21). Sperm donor vials can be used towards IUI or IVF treatments.

Known sperm donors can also be selected but they will require a full donor suitability assessment at our clinic before an insemination can occur as per Health Canada Regulations.

All treatment involving a sperm donor requires reproductive counselling. Legal counselling is also highly recommended.


A gestational carrier (or surrogate) is a person who carries the baby for the intended parent(s). Gestational carriers are not involved in the creation of the embryo and thus, have no genetic link to the child.

As per the Assisted Human Reproduction Act in Canada, it is illegal to pay or offer payment to the gestational carrier. The chosen surrogate must participate altruistically.

Treatment involving a gestational surrogate requires reproductive and legal counselling for all parties involved.

Legal Counselling

When proceeding with third party reproduction it is highly recommended that intended parents consult with a lawyer to review all contracts and agreements they will make, with both the agency (if one is being used) and the donor or surrogate. This can be done through their donor agency if they have arranged for an anonymous egg donation.
It is required that a contract be in place for patients who require the assistance of a surrogate or have a friend or family member agree to be their donor to complete their family. A lawyer is required to draft those agreements. Tripod Fertility will not request a copy of this contract however the lawyer will provide us with a letter confirming that an agreement is in place.

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